Daily Message ~ Thursday January 23, 2014

Are you craving a vacation? Many human beings will go through stages where they yearn to get away. Sometimes the urge to travel gets very strong when your soul is seeking to move your energetics to a different part of the world. You could be called there to experience the energy of a certain locale. It may be that there is someone you will meet there. It may be that it is an area you will relocate to. Your body may be wanting to receive some of the energy of that region. Or, you may be called to that area to be of service, as an energetic support to that land or the energetic grids of that area.

More often than not, if you are craving a vacation it is because you are seeking more flow, more joy, more relaxation, more “you” time. Vacations offer all of those things, and are incredibly rejuvenative because they are one of the few times you put your enjoyment first and live very presently. You may think your soul is craving a vacation, but in reality, it is likely craving the freedom, self love, flow, and enjoyment of the Now that so often comes with travel.

Do you see how out of balance your life has become if you are only experiencing those attributes once a year? We highly suggest you start to approach your day to day life with those same expectations. You can delight in being fully present and choose self nurturing, relaxing and joyful activities any time you like! We urge you to make those wonderful, soul soothing choices part of your daily experience, and to approach every single day with the same enthusiasm, excitement and wonder you demonstrate on vacation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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