planes taking off and landing trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday January 26, 2023

Dear Ones, as co-creators you are always working with your team. Sometimes the action is happening on your side of the veil. Other times the greatest activity is occurring on the other side of the veil with different elements coming together until they can manifest into your physical reality. There is always movement, some of it tangible to you, most of it not.

A perfect example of this is taking a trip by plane. The tangible movement is you making the decision you’d like to go, buying the ticket, packing, driving to the airport, checking in, boarding the plane, and taking off. But when you are making the most progress on your journey it seems like not much is happening at all! You are above the clouds so you can’t really orient yourself or track your distance. It doesn’t really feel like you are moving. You might be bored, or cramped in your seat. In fact, you are in a state of surrender, allowing the pilots to use their expertise to get you safely to your desired destination. A wise human does whatever they can do to make themselves as comfortable as possible until they land and get back into tangible movement again.

The airplane is the perfect analogy for your spiritual journey. You always have a say in where you would like to go. Your action steps always support your intentions, but there will often be a period where you have done as much as you can do on your end and won’t be able see the progress that is occurring behind the scenes. That is where staying grounded in your faith and trust is essential to arriving where your surrender and flow are trying to take you. When you understand that all of it is necessary for your heartfelt creations, you can settle into whatever phase you are in and make the ride far more enjoyable. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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