Daily Message ~ Thursday January 29, 2015

Many of you are still confused about the difference between self love and selfishness. Self love means you treat yourself with the same love, honour, care and respect as you treat others. You see yourself as being equally deserving and allow that time and nurturing for yourself, knowing that it will allow you to be your best you, which will, in turn, benefit others. Selfishness worries not about anyone else, at all. Self love comes from a place of unity consciousness and connection to the limitlessness of Source. Selfishness believes that there isn’t enough for everyone and acts from a place of disconnection, fear and lack. Self love is embracing the divine flow of the universe, allowing love to flow to, and through you. Selfishness is very one-sided.

Make no mistake about it, Dear Ones. Moving into self love, into seeing yourself as being as vitally important and deserving as every other being in the universe, is the firm foundation all other things will be built upon. It is accepting your worth, allowing your healing, and your divinity to shine forth, which is what will support your highest service and most satisfying life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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