Daily Message ~ Thursday January 30, 2014

Dear Ones, do you put off your enjoyment, your passions, what will bring you joy, until later? Do you think work takes precedence and enjoyment will occur if you have time afterwards? Have you noticed that the time for fun never happens? Are you so exhausted from all your obligations that you simply fall asleep before you can even think about what would bring you pleasure, only to wake up and do the same thing all over again?

Your joy is absolutely vital to your life expression. It is through your interests and pleasures that you find balance, connection, enjoyment and beauty in your life. It is through those interests you embrace the Now moment and align with Source. There is nothing noble about ignoring those things, in fact, to do so will ensure your falling out of balance and will lead to a life of drudgery, discomfort and unhappiness.

Making time for yourself to rejuvenate and find pleasure is not frivolous in any way! It is essential to your wellness and your life expression. It supports balance and wellness for yourself, and creates a wonderful model for your children to follow. It also anchors a higher vibrating energy that not only serves you, but your beloved planet as well. It is time to release the old model of no pain, no gain and embrace the path of passion and joy. It is what your soul craves to do and is the way of the New Earth. It is time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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