Daily Message ~ Thursday January 31, 2013

The reason why we encourage you so strongly to develop the art of accepting and allowing is because it keeps you in balance and appropriateness.  When you accept that each person is exactly where they need to be on their own path, you stop wasting your time and energy focusing on something you have no control over.  This shifts you away from focusing on another’s woundedness and allows you to honour the wisdom of the other’s soul and conveys great confidence to them that they are completely capable.  It stops feeding the illusion that they are somehow weak or unable to care for themselves and encourages their self empowerment.  When you practice acceptance for where you are in your process, you release the destructive idea that anything can be wrong and start to move willingly with your guides.  Once you fully accept that belief, you will stop giving your power away by doing what others say you should do.  You are simply not qualified to know what is best for another’s divine path, nor is anyone else qualified to tell you what you should be doing on your own unique path.  Most advice you will receive is based on what would be right for the individual telling you what to do, not for your own life expression.  You are all the captains of your own ships, Dear Ones! Acceptance and allowing puts the power and personal responsibility squarely where it needs to be, where it belongs – in the hands of the individual. ~Archangel Gabriel

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