Daily Message ~ Thursday January 5, 2017


We were recently asked, “How do I fill myself up with love?” We would like to answer that question today.

It is important to understand that the unconditional love that is Source energy is always available to you. You may be in different degrees of acceptance or denial of that love, but you always have the ability to direct yourself back into that alignment through choice.

So the first step of filling yourself up with love is opening yourself up into the receiving of it. This does not need to be a complicated practice. Simply take a moment to still yourself, and with your inner voice simply ask to receive love and then make the conscious decision to allow yourself to accept and feel it. You can ask for an infusion of love from any higher vibrational being you have an affinity for, or you can keep it more general by simply intending to feel Source energy, or universal energy.

The next step to filling yourself up with love is to consciously make the decision to take your love and apply to self. You can imagine stepping outside of yourself and beaming love to your being from your heart centre. Another wonderful technique is to imagine your inner child and gather that little you up onto your lap and snuggle and nurture yourself in that manner. If you wish to do something more tangible, looking at yourself in the mirror with an intention to see and honour your own innate goodness, and sending yourself love in that manner is effective, as well.

Another wonderful practice to help you experience the love that you are is to go out of your way to be loving. If you have trouble with that, you may start by spending time with babies, human or animal, and enjoy their innocence and beauty. They are always reliable activators of the love that exists within you. Volunteering or other acts of service also immerse you in the experience of love.

Dear Ones, you are all beings of love. The more you allow that truth to settle into your knowingness and choose to know yourself, and show yourself, as that love, the more joy you will get from your life experience. It is truly coming Home to yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel

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