Daily Message ~ Thursday January 9, 2014

We understand that anger can be a very intimidating emotional display, especially for those who are energetically sensitive or empathic. Many of you have worked hard to find your balance, to keep yourself separate of the energies that you find difficult, that you, yourself, might have worked hard to evolve beyond.

While it is important to be able to keep your energetic clarity, it is a much easier task when you can view things, not from how to stay separated from another, but from a place of understanding.

Dear Ones, anger is nothing more than a smoke and mirror show to disguise fear. The angrier a person is, the more fearful and wounded they are. When you can truly see that, you will be able to approach the situation from a place of love and compassion, which will not only support your own energetic clarity, it will also allow you to be of service and quickly diffuse the situation with the love, compassion and understanding the other is so desperately craving.

We are not for a second saying you should place yourself in danger, or to accept abusive behaviour that does not honour you. We are simply saying that when you can see beyond the distractions to the heart of a matter, you are far better able to not take things personally, and approach from a level that honours the true needs of ALL involved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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