Daily Message ~ Thursday July 10, 2014

We understand that it can be difficult for you to understand how you can embrace unity consciousness and unconditional love and still have your own personal preferences for the energies you wish to surround yourself with. Having a preference does not have to mean you are shunning or dismissing others. You can honour the divinity of others as being a necessary part of the whole, and still surround yourself with those who best resonate with you. In fact, those collections of like energies can add immeasurably to the beauty and flavour of the whole.

Let us give you an example. A rainbow, in its entirety, is an amazing and uplifting sight to behold. But what makes it so beautiful is the banding together of like energies, each collection of colour adding its own unique essence to the whole. Do you see? It is perfectly okay to honour your own unique beauty and to surround yourself with others who resonate and mirror it back to you. By being so you honour both yourself and the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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