Daily Message ~ Thursday July 20, 2017

Dear Ones, have you ever noticed how, if a child is with an overprotective parent, they will be prevented from or afraid of trying new things? And have you ever noticed how a child with a more adventurous parent will hesitate only to have the parent step up in supportive encouragement, which was all the child needed in order to try a new experience?

The first parent is constricting the child and using fear (they do not want the child to get hurt) as a reason to not try anything new. The second parent is encouraging experience and expansion. Many of you have seen this dynamic play out very obviously in front of you. One feeds doubt, the other moves beyond doubt.

So our question is, how do you apply this to yourselves? As you step into the role of being your own guides, teachers, and loving parents, are you being overprotective? Are you afraid to try new things in case something goes wrong? Are you perpetuating old conditioning? Or are you able to encourage yourself, with your own wonderful wisdom and support, to embrace and value the expansion that comes with new experience?

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a little part of you that has been waiting for its opportunity to grow, that is longing to hear you say the words, “I am here for you. It is safe to try. I know you can do it!” ~Archangel Gabriel

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