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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 20, 2023

Many of you have trouble with the idea of stepping into your power because you have negative connotations attached to power and how it is used. To be clear, the issues you have with power is from the misuse of it which has been rampant for centuries.

3D power and authentic power are two very different things. One is unconscious and serves the one, while the other is conscious and serves the whole. But we do understand how terms can be off-putting, and power is one of the terms humans struggle with the most.

If you read a message that talks about stepping into your power and it immediately creates resistance in you, that is not the right term for you. You may try on ‘authentic power’. That may do the trick or it may still create some resistance because it still contains the word power. The key here is to find the word or words that hold the essence of you stepping into your divine truth that you can embrace.

You might try empowerment. Still too much of the word power in there? Try embodiment. Divine capability. Consciousness. Wisdom. Truth. Wholeness. Whole soul self. Keep thinking of words that might be a better match to you.

Try your potential words on for size by putting them in the sentence, “I embrace stepping fully into my….” and see which one feels most appealing to you energetically and matches the picture in your mind of how you wish to show up in the world. By finding the term that best fits you and your highest intentions, you will find it much easier to step forward into that role. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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