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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 25, 2019

So many of you want assurances. You want to know that your relationship will last, that your manifestation will take form, that your friendships are forever. Due to your deep attachment to outcome, you start to constrain the energy, to worry, to micro-manage, to control, and to be on high alert for what might be wrong.

By doing so, you are practicing negative focus which only keeps you energetically connected to what is unwanted.  Through your focus on externals you are turning your power away from the only thing that you do have control over, which is yourself.  Further, by being restrained you are never fully committing to anything, which is sabotaging your creations before they ever get started.

By attempting to control your outcomes, you are allowing fear to lead the way. Now you are navigating by the mind rather than the heart. This is a great disservice to both you and your creation for you are stunting it long before it has ever has a chance to become all it can be. You are denying it the true sustenance it requires which is love.

We understand it can be confusing when you receive advice to be clear about what you want and then hear not to be too controlling.  What we want you to understand is that having a broad intention of what you would like to experience and then surrendering into and trusting that flow of unfoldment is how you love and grow every single desire into its highest expression.

So, Dear Ones, let go of your constraints and fears. Sit and nurture the part of you that is afraid as your own loving parent and guide. Trust the unfoldment. Allow your heart to take the lead. Let your creations take on their own form and get as big and beautiful as they want to be, one now moment at a time. By doing so you will be doing all aspects of your life a great service. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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