Daily Message ~ Thursday July 28, 2016


We understand that there is some confusion on the difference between service and co-dependency. We love that you are wishing to be mindful and appropriate with your actions.

When you are being of service, you are holding the space until someone is able to hold the space for themselves, for the highest good and empowerment of all. Co-dependency tries to take on the responsibility of healing for another, often as a means of avoiding doing your own healing, which is disempowering for all.

Think of someone who has taken a bad fall. You help them up and if they are dizzy and disoriented, you stay with them until they can hold their own balance again or get the additional assistance they need. You do not carry them around for the rest of their days!

Appropriate and mindful service uses your gifts in ways that are always focused on empowerment and self-responsibility. There may be times that you need to offer a little more support until someone is able to sustain themselves, but the goal is to help another find their way back to their balance, wellness, and divine capability, from your own space of balance, wellness, and divine capability. To do so will serve everyone in the most marvellous ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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