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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 28, 2022

We have spoken of how many of you are going through a life review as you wrap up the first phase of your incarnation. This can involve many old memories coming up, processing old hurts or disappointments, identifying themes and patterns, and having emotions come up for identification and release.

You prioritize the processing of the heavier energies first. But there is another part of life review that many of you don’t realize, and many of you may be starting to experience. It is examining the successes of your life, and having the awareness to acknowledge the things that you did very well. These memories or awarenesses may start coming to light for you. As they do it is an indicator that you are nearing the end of the review stage.

Just looking at what you consider to be wrong is not a true and complete review. There must also be an accounting of what you did that made a positive difference, the acts of kindness, the growth you accomplished, and the connections and love you shared.

Isn’t it interesting that it seems there is much more to be released than there is to be celebrated? That is because what needed to be released is not indicative of the real you. It is harder for you to assess your successes, your kindness, your innate goodness because that is your truth. It doesn’t stand out as much because it is who you are. But it is important to acknowledge your strengths and successes because your review is designed to bring you clarity on what you wish to carry forward with you to grow and expand upon.

You are purity and goodness at your core. You are divinity in a body. A large part of the embodiment process is simply recognizing that truth and allowing it to lead the way forward. This is why self love is such an essential part of the enlightenment process. You must have the ability to assess yourself accurately, not just through the lens of what is wrong, but through the lens of what is absolutely wonderful about you, as well.

It is only through your fair and true self acknowledgement you will finally give yourself permission to let your beingness lead the way, secure in the knowingness it is more than enough. And that, Dear Ones, is exactly the times you are in right now and the task at hand as you prepare to step fully into the next phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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