Daily Message ~ Thursday July 31, 2014

Do you realize how much you love, every single day? A smile, a touch, a kind thought, a prayer, a note, holding a door for another, letting someone in traffic, preparing food, simply being there for another, caring for animals or the earth, all are acts of love. Many of you have the idea that in order for it to be considered love, you must do something grandiose. Dear Ones, that is not the case. Love does not have to be hard to make a profound difference! Any act of love is an act of acceptance and inclusion, which is the very energy that is anchoring the profound shift on your planet right now. As you start to acknowledge how loving you are, you will start to accept yourself as a being of love, which will only draw more love to you. The love you seek is already in you, and around you, if only you have eyes to see. ~Archangel Gabriel

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