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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 4, 2019

Dear Ones, so many of you are so hard on yourselves if you forget to practice what you know or behave in a way that you feel is not spiritual. We would see your slips as successes from our perspective.

The fact that you wish to show up as your highest version of self is a wonderful intention, which indicates growth and expansion. The fact that you catch yourself when you are not in an alignment you prefer rather than simply staying there is great progress, for it indicates you have evolved beyond being comfortable in those old energies.

Every single time you catch yourself and choose again it is a vibrational leap that not only serves you but the planet, as well. Every time you redirect back to your own truth it is a powerful declaration of self and a clear demonstration of your new preferences. You are in the process of energetically anchoring new habits that better match who you are and where you wish to go.

So rather than beating yourselves up for your perceived failures, please know the fact that you have developed awareness and now prefer something different is a wonderful success. It is defining yourself again and again in ever higher vibrating ways. That is exactly what is driving the shift on your planet and is a truly a glorious thing to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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