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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 6, 2023

We spoke yesterday of how discomfort is a messenger. We understand it can be difficult to discern where the discomfort is coming from or what its message for you might be, so today we wish to break it down a little further for you.

Energetic discomfort from personal shifts, solar flares, astrological alignments, and earth changes, usually pass fairly quickly. Have you recently gone through a big personal discovery or healing? Are there events going on right now like solar flares, eclipses, or energetic spikes on the planet? Keeping a journal of how you respond to such events and what brings you relief can help you greatly in future instances. Feeling the energies is proof positive that you are truly in the throes of your evolutionary process. The discomfort you feel in these cases is asking you to move out of resistance to the shifting you are doing, listen to your inner wisdom, and give yourself what your body is asking for.

If you are energetically sensitive you may be picking up on the collective. If you feel like that may be the case ask, “How much of this is even mine?” Explore what is yours, and with your wisdom give yourself what you need. Then send love, comfort, and energetic support to the collective. That will allow you to shift into being the giver of energy rather than the catcher of energy. This will help move you out of resistance and doubt into a more empowered approach. These feelings of discomfort tend to come and go, depending on the overall conditions that may be affecting the collective.

If you are feeling discomfort due to being resistant to your own growth and evolution, it will be more persistent and tend to get more intense over time. That discomfort is going to get louder until such time as you take the time to explore it, take action if you are aware of what is required, or move into a willingness to discover where your soul is trying to lead you.

No matter what the reason for the discomfort, accepting through your faith and trust that there is a greater process of good occurring that is trying to guide you forward is key. Curiosity, love, and acceptance, whether it be for yourself, the collective, or the planetary processes that are occurring, are the magic balm you are seeking to help you navigate beyond resistance and move forward with much greater comfort, grace, and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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