Daily Message ~ Thursday July 8, 2021

The key to healing beyond separation is inclusivity. Moving forward in an empowering way is not based on focusing on what you need to eliminate from your experience, but rather by focusing on what you wish to include, while honouring the free will of others to do the same.

Exclusion is an act of resistance which immediately stalls forward movement, while inclusion creates flow and supports expansion. Your body’s energy will naturally rail against resistance while it will settle and flow with inclusion. This is exactly how you redirect your path into preference. Resistance is ‘no’ energy while inclusion is ‘yes’ energy. ‘No’ energy doesn’t move while ‘yes’ energy expands and flows.

Again we direct you to the experience of a buffet. You don’t petition to have the foods you don’t care for removed because you realize there are others who may enjoy them very much. Nor do you yell at people who put them on their plate. You simply pass over what you don’t like and fill your plate with the foods you enjoy and respect others in their preferences. The buffet includes many things in order to best serve the whole.

So if you are feeling triggered or blocked as you consider what you wish to create for yourselves moving forward, we highly recommend you step back and examine if your resistance practice has become stronger than your acceptance practice. With that new awareness you can shift your focus from contraction to expansion, from what you would like to exclude into simply choosing what you wish to experience, and you will find the path forward filled with much more comfort and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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