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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 1, 2023

Dear Ones, there is not a single person on the planet that had a truly fulfilling, joyful lifetime giving up on their own likes and preferences and choosing another path to please another. While your intentions may be noble, you will invariably become more and more uncomfortable until you won’t be able to stay in that role one moment longer. The discomfort simply exists to get you to move out of what doesn’t honour you into the discovery of what does.

To deny yourself and your truest desires and yearnings is to deny your purpose on the planet, because you came in with those wants and interests as a built in GPS of sorts to help you find your path. There is only one you on the planet that will hold your unique vibration combined with your special talents! No one else can take that place or fill that role.

We understand you may feel pressure to be a certain way to fit in, but your uniqueness blazes trails for others to follow. It also gives others the courage to follow their own paths. It might help to think of it this way. Denying your truth to please a few others is a great disservice because you are choosing to appease a few who will probably never truly understand or appreciate your sacrifice over the many you would help and inspire and serve just by being truly you. It is time to have the courage to step fully into your sacred role and purpose of being true to you and the calling of your heart because that is what the world has been waiting for all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Happy June! While I am not a proponent for being in troubleshooting mode with yourself all the time, I do like to explore anything that is ready to be healed or released before solstices, as Gabriel always says solstices act as save points for our progress. Because we have a solstice this month, I have decided to put my self study course, Journeying Into The New on sale for $99 USD (that’s $50 off) for the first week of June. Sale ends midnight on June 7. I figured that would give people enough time to explore the course and journey for themselves before the solstice but please know journeying is a wonderful process you can do anytime.

The journeying process allows you to discover any blockages that may be holding you back from living your most satisfying life expression and provides clear, easy to follow instructions on how to release this issue once and for all. There is a discovery process, a process that reclaims your power, then energetic healing that tackles this lifetime, other life expressions, as well as ancestral wounds. The final step is an integration to align you with the healed, thriving you. This is the most comprehensive healing process I have ever experienced, allowing old issues to completely neutralize, and it feels awesome! To read the full course outline, or to purchase just visit and use the coupon code JUNE.

If you love the journeying process, you might be interested to know I will also be offering a journeying facilitator training this fall! Details will be announced closer to that time. I believe so much in this process, and have experienced such profound shifts myself from using it, I really want to see it spread and help as many people as possible. Exciting times!

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