Daily Message ~ Thursday June 16, 2016


We love that with your awareness, many of you are starting to ask yourself during times of energetic intensity, “Is this mine?” “Who does this belong to?” “Is this from the collective?” All wonderful questions! But we would like to add another factor that can be helpful to ask about. It is, “Is this from this lifetime?” and “Does this apply to this lifetime?”

You see, many of you are having deep layers of beliefs dislodged for release right now. For many of you, it is the last vestiges of old wounds that happened in different lifetimes. As this life expression is about stepping into your authentic power and embracing yourselves as the spiritual beings and creators you are, many old fears around those topics are coming up for clearing. It is important to know that they have not one thing to do with the incarnation you are currently experiencing.

Asking, “Does what I’m feeling apply to this lifetime?” can be incredibly freeing. It allows you to release with relief if it does not, and proceed in a far lighter and authentic way. It helps you to further identify your truth in the Now moment and create in fresh new and empowered ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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