Daily Message ~ Thursday June 2, 2016


Some human beings get distraught when certain patterns recur in their lives. They think they are missing something fundamental or are being tested by the universe.

When you come into the body you have very specific goals on themes you wish to experience and master. You will set up the conditions to ensure those themes loop around so you will have plenty of opportunity to experience and master them. This is because you know that you may not get everything you needed from the experience the first time around. Hear us when we say these are merely opportunities for experience!

Let us put it this way. Let us suppose you wished to learn how to drive a car. You might take a class that would teach you the fundamentals of how to drive safely. Once you received your driver’s license, you would not feel the need to take the course again. If you saw a poster advertising driver’s education again, you would not immediately take that as a sign that you were not a good enough driver. You would simply disregard, knowing you had already completed that course. But you also know if you wish to brush up on your skills you can also go back to it whenever you like because it is available to you.

We urge you to resist the tendency to always make yourselves wrong! If something comes around again, it is not because you are bad, being punished, or slow to learn. It is simply evidence of how much you, and the universe, made sure you had every last thing you needed in this lifetime to succeed. ~Archangel Gabriel

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