Daily Message ~ Thursday June 20, 2013

Each and every one of you are on the planet to experience being grand creators. What you decide to create is an act of self definition. Sometimes it matches your highest alignment, sometimes it helps you choose differently to find your highest alignment, but it is all perfect for you and your path. Dear Ones, love others enough to allow them their own creations! Do not attempt to make others wrong for their self definition efforts. You cannot possibly know what it is they need to experience. Your advice is always based on what is right for you and your path, just as others give advice based on what works for them and their own unique paths and what they wish to experience. A person whose agenda is to experience security and constancy is certainly not going to understand someone whose agenda is to experience freedom and movement! Do you see? Love each other with the deep understanding that each of you are doing exactly what you need to do, and we might add, doing it brilliantly. You are all adding to the beauty that is the tapestry of the New Earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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