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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 20, 2024

Dear Ones, there is such great joy in creating one Now moment at a time. It allows you to stay present, to see what the energies are supporting at any given time, and to see the magical signs that point the way.

From this approach the unknown is filled with wonder and endless possibility. There is no stress to get it right, simply discerning what is the highest choice. It is like stepping from stepping stone to stepping stone, one highest choice at a time, until before you know it you have landed in brand new vistas you couldn’t have imagined possible.

And you have arrived with far greater grace and ease than you have ever experienced before! You are all becoming energetic masters, clearly seeing what works and what does not, and becoming far more accustomed to creating through flow rather than struggle.

These are such wonderful times for you to be in, to play and explore and discover new ways of doing things that reflect your growth and evolution! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Happy Solstice! xo


Last day! Sale ends at midnight on June 20.

Self love and forgiveness are two huge steps on your healing journey. They are both transformative and freeing! Just a reminder that both these courses are only on sale until midnight on June 20th.

Do you have someone in your life that you would love to energetically detach from but no matter how many times you try to cut the cords to them, it doesn’t work for any amount of time? Did you know that forgiveness is an energetic process that allows that connection to dissipate once and for all?

There are many reasons why forgiveness can be a difficult thing. This course is designed to give you a deeper perspective to the process of forgiveness, to help you understand why it is something you do for you, not the other person. It literally releases you from the ties that bind you to the past so you can finally leave that attachment behind and heal beyond those old wounds.

Forgiving yourself for anything you regret is also an essential part of your evolutionary journey. It then opens the door for you to step into self love. Both forgiveness and self love have the power to shift your path profoundly. As we are in the process of cleaning up that first phase of our incarnation in order to step fully into the new without dragging the past with us, I have decided to put both my Forgiveness – Releasing The Ties That Bind and Self Love – The Most Important Element Of Them All courses on sale for $99 each (that’s $50 off)!

We deserve to move forward unencumbered by the past. We deserve to come to a place of greater peace with ourselves and with others. These two programs allowed me to overcome a lot of places where I was stuck in my healing journey, so I can personally vouch for their ability to shift us into a better space. If you feel it is time to take your healing journey to the next level, all you have to do is use the coupon code EASEANDGRACE at checkout. You can see the full description of both programs below:

I wish us all peace and comfort and so much joy as we move into this next exciting phase of our journey!


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