Daily Message ~ Thursday June 29, 2017

Your survival brain is always concerned with what might happen with change. It likes to look at worst case scenarios so it can be prepared for any potential dangers. This is not necessarily a bad thing! It is only detrimental to you if you stay in the energies of what may go wrong.

In fact, allowing your brain to play out the potentials and have a plan should such an event happen, can reassure you that you are well prepared. But your focus should not end there. Now that you have weighed potential dangers, you are free to start playing with the energies we would call, “What if wonderful happens?”

It is fine to be cautious before moving forward. But don’t allow that to paralyze you! Once that first phase is taken care of, the fun part begins. Start to imagine all the amazing potentials that can open up to you. Know you are protected and prepared and then start to create in earnest! Allow your imagination to flow to wonderful, positive places. Get as creative in your exploration of the good as you were in the not so good.

If you can begin considering the weighing of risks as simply prep work before you move into the true joy of creation, you will be able to step forward with the cooperation of your inner worrier because it will be honoured and appeased. You will then be able to surrender and play and create joyfully and openheartedly to your heart’s content. Your focus will then be shifted onto how the universe can serve and delight you with what matches you and your truest desires. ~Archangel Gabriel

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