Daily Message ~ Thursday June 30, 2016


Your power centre – the place where you can best create from – is a place of alignment and full presence in the Now moment. If you start feeling uncomfortable or anxious, we recommend you play a game we like to call In This Right Now Moment.

It is very easy. Simply still yourself for a moment with a couple of deep breaths and intend to connect with Source. It does not matter if you feel anything, your intention is more than enough. Even just simply saying to yourself, “God is guiding me now” (feel free to substitute whatever terminology feels best to you for the word God) is also very effective. Then simply start looking around for what is working for you at the moment.

Examples of this could be: “In this right Now moment, I have plenty of air to breathe.” “In this right Now moment, I am safe and loved.” “In this right Now moment, I am warm, dry and fed.” “In this right Now moment, I see beauty.” “In this right Now moment, even without doing a thing, I am a beloved part of Source energy.” “In this right Now moment I am good.” Just start seeing the things that are oh, so right in your world, and in yourself, and as you do so you will start to feel much more present and more comfortable in your body.

Dear Ones, you are the most powerful creators when you work from a space of connection and appreciation. This is something that every human being on the planet can do, and is available to you every second of the day. Again we say that the simplest acts are often the most powerful, and you have the ability to shift into this space whenever you choose. We hope you choose often, for it is the space that can only improve both your todays and your tomorrows. ~Archangel Gabriel

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