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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 1, 2018

You have had a lot of energetic activity as you have stepped into the new year of 2018. There has been much shifting of energy, much integrating, and much change. It is common for it to take a while to get used to the energy of a new year, particularly one that is as markedly different as 2018 is compared to 2017.

We estimate it will take until the spring equinox for you to truly have a good feel for the unique energetic stamp of the energies of 2018 and how best to work with them. The equinox will help you anchor the energies more fully into a space of balance, and from there you will find it much easier to move into the full potential of what this year has to offer you, both individually and collectively.

To be clear, you will always be growing and evolving. You will go through times that support surges of obvious growth, and others that focus more on integration and energetic fine tuning, matching the natural flows and ebbs of the universe. 2018 is a year of flow, of big leaps and discoveries, and pioneering new, more empowered ways of doing things. Know that you are being supported in learning the best ways to use these energies.

Trust that your own inner wisdom knows how to lead the way, as well, if you allow it. You continue to surprise and delight us with your incredible tenacity and capability as we cheer you on in the creation of the new times on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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