Daily Message ~ Thursday March 14, 2013

Unaware human beings often live their lives from a place of non-concern for others. They are very invested in being right and are very concerned with carving our their rightful place in a world that doesn’t have enough for everyone. They often live with an us vs them mentality, seeing separation as necessary for safety and survival.

The enlightening human being often becomes so mindful they swing wildly to the other end of the spectrum and put tremendous pressure on themselves to be “spiritual” at all times and make no mistakes, tend to put everyone’s needs ahead of their own and fear falling into selfishness and ego. By doing without, they are still living in the energy that there is not enough for everyone. They often suffer from unhealthy boundaries and attempt to take on everyone else’s problems on as their own.

Now, blessedly, the human beings of light are moving out of those extremes into a place of balance and BEingness. They are honouring their own path and needs, from a place of appropriateness and self awareness rather than selfishness, understanding they must work on the one first in order to best serve the all. They are aware and evolving, practice acceptance and allowing, and are stepping into their authentic power. They are truly demonstrating what it looks like to co-create in an abundant universe. This is why we are so very excited and wait with bated breath to see the wonders you will all create from this new, very empowered way of being. ~Archangel Gabriel

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