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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 15, 2018

Let us suppose that you have been yearning for delicious, succulent, nutritious fruit. Your body craves it, knows it exists, and you feel that it is incredibly important for your health and well being. Other people talk about how amazing the fruit is, in fact, it is so wonderful they have been writing songs and stories about it for centuries.

But what you have been given throughout your life has been sour and bitter. It hasn’t supported you in any way, in fact it makes you feel worse. You question it, but the people around you tell you it is the fruit you want, so you start to believe it. Deep down you know there is something wrong, but you are lost in your conditioning, so you carry on, either trying to hack it down or avoid it completely. In fact, throughout your life many other people have tried to give you fruit but you reject it immediately because it is so unpleasant to you. When people ask you for fruit, you give them the only fruit you know.

Until one day, you are old enough to venture out on your own, and through your own growth, your inner knowing, and your own explorations, you discover that you had never had the fruit you always knew existed! What you were given all this time was something entirely different. The real fruit IS delicious and wonderful! It’s completely satisfying, enjoyable, and sustaining. So the question is, now that you know what you were given all those years was not real fruit, do you continue to be afraid of and avoid the real thing?

Dear Ones, this is what has happened to you with love. Many of you have experienced the absence of love, labelled as love. Many of you have only experienced control or conditional love. Yet you know unconditional love and the acceptance and healing it brings exists and is what you seek. So we ask you, at what point do you start to accept that it wasn’t love that hurt you at all? Can you see love has never been the enemy or the thing to avoid? Can you start to live your life based on the new truth and healing that comes from this discovery? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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