Daily Message ~ Thursday March 2, 2017


We are encouraging you to dream big for a reason, Dear Ones. Dreaming big is a beautiful expression of your trust and faith in the universe and your own ability to create. When you focus on the co-creation of your greatest desires and self expression, you are anchoring the energy that your current concerns are already taken care of. They must be if you can already see beyond them!

Many people block themselves from their wildest dreams because they think they must resolve their immediate issues first. This keeps them playing in much smaller energy than is available to them. Understand that dreaming big energetically supports the manifestation of your immediate needs, as well as what you wish to move into in your future. It is creating beyond, into the land of great potential and possibilities, which is exactly what pioneers do.

When you are focused on your highest expression of self, the issues you are seeking to move beyond right now are automatically resolved, as their resolution is part of the path that gets you to that end result. So dream big, Dear Ones,and know that it supports you in all of your desires, immediate and future, and is a beautiful demonstration of your faith and trust in a universe that adores you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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