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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 2, 2023

Many people think changing old patterns and habits is a huge task but we would like to give it to you this way. Imagine there is a destination you thought you’d really enjoy visiting, but when you got there the reality of the place wasn’t at all what you thought it would be. You ended up feeling very uncomfortable and disappointed. So we ask you, would you keep driving there over and over?

Now what can happen is if you haven’t been down that road for a while, it may look different. There may be new buildings or attractions along the way that make you feel like it’s not the same road that takes you to the place you don’t care for. But at some point you will discover it’s taking you to the same destination you don’t enjoy. What we want you to understand is at that exact point you can do a U turn and choose not to continue on with the same old experience. And over time you will not be tempted to go down that road ever again no matter how tempting it may seem initially.

You can always choose to redirect. There is always a different path to take and with your conscious awareness you will spend much less time reminding yourself of what you don’t like and more time simply choosing what feels good and supportive to you. This is all about growth and recognizing that you always get to change course as soon as you realize something is no longer honouring you and that, Dear Ones, is letting your self love and empowerment lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


An update on our gofundme family: Thank you all for your interest and support of Sarah and her 6 kids. They are still in the hotel waiting for their FEMA trailer. She keeps calling and they keep telling her to wait. I’ve heard that the hold up has been getting utilities set up for the FEMA village but they said on the news that people should be able to start moving into their trailers soon. I sure hope so because it is incredibly expensive for her to live in the hotel and feed 6 kids without a proper kitchen. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be to be displaced for this many months, let alone having six kids to care for under these circumstances! Your donations have made it possible for them to keep going and stay at the hotel, so they truly are making a difference. This family still really needs our support, so if you can donate, please do. Even the littlest amounts can add up to create positive change. If you feel guided to contribute, you can make your donation here:


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