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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 21, 2024

We understand that while in the body and in the illusion of separation, it can be difficult to understand certain circumstances. Illness, the passing of a loved one, or disaster, just to name a few, can seem so very wrong and unfair. Dear Ones, let us reassure you that there can never be an event in your lifetime that you have not actively participated in the creation of. Your free will is always at the helm, from the planning stages of your incarnation, to this right now moment. It is a complex system of wise and intricate planning to ensure you have the exact experiences you desire. While events may be challenging, they can never, ever be wrong – not for you or for any other human on the planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Into The Eclipses We Go! ~ A Live Channeled Event ~ Saturday March 23 @ 1 pm Eastern

This live zoom event is designed to offer support for the upcoming energy of the eclipses. Gabriel will offer a channel and then each participant gets to ask one question. The event will be recorded so no worries if you can’t attend live. You can submit your question to partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com and your question will be read during the event and you can hear the answer through the replay. The cost to attend is $33.33 USD. Hope to see you there! You can sign up through the links below.


Please note: This event is included in tier three memberships on patreon. Patreon is a great value if you enjoy our work! You can sign up here:


No matter how you decide to attend I’m looking forward to connecting with you! These are such transformational times!


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