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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 24, 2022

As humans you recognize many rites of passage along the way, all marking some form of expansion and stepping into a new version of you, such as learning a new skill, graduating school, getting married, and becoming a parent, just to name a few. But one rite of passage that is rarely recognized is that of helping a parent transition and then stepping into the role of elder.

Losing a parent creates a profound energetic shift. You are connected to your family members by energetic cords. When someone transitions out of the body, that cord dissipates, and you shift to reflect that energetic change. The mourning process helps you navigate that shift. We wish to reassure you that your connection to your loved one always continues, but in a different, non-physical way.

When you lose a parent, particularly to old age, there is a passing of the baton, if you will, making you the new family matriarch or patriarch within your own family unit. You become the elder, the source of wisdom, and the one that anchors traditions. It is a new sacred role, one that you may feel honoured to assume, or one you may doubt you are ready for. If you lost a parent at a young age, another will step in to hold the space of elder for you until it is your time.

Please rest assured if you find yourself stepping into that role, you have found your way there through a soul agreement, and you are ready. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you go through this process of energetic shifting that requires you to acknowledge your own wisdom as you assume the role of elder. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: If you missed my talk on Beyond the Ordinary, no worries, you can catch it on replay here: www.beyondtheordinaryshow.com

We covered lots of ground about the energies of the new, relationships, and my new offering, Journeying Into The New. And you can hear the super cool confirmation John gave about being reparented, which is part of the journeying process that he didn’t know about but spontaneously happened anyways! It’s always such a delight to connect with John. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did!


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