Daily Message ~ Thursday March 28, 2013

Dear Ones, all healing, all great change begins within.  It is a state of intention, which then brings forth the correct alignment to move into the desired result.  Think of the captain of a ship.  The captain decides where he wishes to go, then with his intention, charts a course and then enters into the flow that will take him there.  You are the captain of your own ship!  If you are waiting for someone to come in and fix you, you will be waiting a very long time, because you cannot attract wholeness from a place of powerlessness.  If you are looking to be saved in any way, you are still supporting your victim consciousness.  The second you assume responsibility for yourself, change your intention and surrender into the flow, you have set the energies in motion that will get your desired results.  It works the same, every single time.  That is how powerful you really are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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