Daily Message ~ Thursday March 30, 2017

The alignment you seek is not an external place, but rather an internal space of beingness. It is connecting with your core, your divine presence, that has always existed within you. You get the idea that it is outside of you because you may use tools to get there – meditation, yoga, etc – but those tools only help you move back into your own truth within.

When you truly start understand that it all begins within, you will find that the frustration that comes from being externally focused and dependant upon the behaviour of others for your happiness disappears, and you suddenly become far more peaceful and accepting than ever before.

From that place of peace, acceptance, self responsibility, authentic power, and knowing the love that you are, you will build the foundation that all of your wildest dreams can be built upon. And that, Dear Ones, is exactly what we wish for each and every one of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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