hand receiving light trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday March 9, 2023

When it comes to manifestation you may feel like when your desired creation finally takes form it is the end result. In fact, manifestation is only the first step! It does not stop there. Your creation is an energy that has come into your physical awareness that serves as a starting point for new expansion, experiences, and potentials.

The universe, and you, are always growing and expanding. Allow your life the freedom and encouragement to continue to grow and evolve and see what is possible from your latest level of attainment. If you start to see your manifestation as the opening of a door, you will stay in the unfoldment that is so satisfying to your soul.

So if you have been thinking that receiving what you wish to manifest is an end point, that may be exactly what is stalling it. It is a beginning, a fresh energy coming in to shift your experience to open you to new vistas. Can you feel how that has so much more flow than seeing it as an end result ever could? The manifestation is only phase one, Dear Ones. What you choose to do with it from that point forward is where it starts to get really interesting. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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