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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 11, 2023

If you have been on your enlightenment journey for a long time it is common to get to the point where you wonder, how much more clearing/healing do I need to do? We would like to address this today.

When you first begin your awakening process, it is usually facilitated by some kind of a crisis that demands your attention immediately. It may be that you are in a state of overwhelm, despair, confusion, or depression. Things will have gotten so out of balance that you are forced to begin addressing your healing and wellness. What is wrong will be right up front and in your awareness to get your attention so you begin your journey. You begin with the big and obvious issue that needs to be dealt with right away.

As time goes on, you will have moved through what urgently needed your attention, and you may pause for a while there. As you re-balance and fully integrate the work you have done, you feel called to explore the next area that is ready to be healed, and so on. You also begin to explore what is possible now that some healing work has been done.

We would like to offer you an analogy that will make this easy to understand. Think of your evolutionary journey as a house. The first stage of your healing/clearing journey is like walking in through the front door of your house and realizing there has been a big party in the house and no one has cleaned up afterwards.

Cleaning up the mess is a monumental task that can feel somewhat overwhelming, but you know it has to be done so you can live in the house comfortably. So you start with the most obvious issues, grab a bag and start throwing out the trash and anything else that has no value to you anymore. Once the clutter is gone, you are able to assess what really needs to be attended to and cleansed.

Now you may temporarily forget how much work it was to clean up and allow another party or two to be thrown in your house. But before long, you start to remember that it’s not worth it to create that much work for yourself. So you stop having out of control parties in your house.

Once the house has been cleaned, you may rest for a while and be happy with how the house is. But over time you start sneezing and realize you not only don’t want to have parties anymore, you need to maintain the house by dusting and vacuuming. This would be the equivalent of your energetic wellness practices, which maintain your progress.

So now you’ve got a clean house and you maintain its energetic state fairly well. Now that you are stable in that practice, you have the time and energy to explore what has been hidden in the shadows so you start to pull out and clean behind and underneath your big appliances, and all the areas that might be missed with regular cleaning.

Now that the house is really thoroughly cleansed, you just have to maintain your progress. And because you have done such a good job and the foundation is there, you can concentrate on how you might like to decorate it, or what other activities might bring you joy.

Do you see? You will clear and heal and expand. You will maintain a new level that allows you to move forward in new ways. Once you are caught up with the big clearing, it is just a matter of being consciously aware, allowing the flow to bring into your awareness what might need your attention and tending to it immediately, and then using your imagination and curiosity to discover what is possible now.

That is the exact phase so many of you are stepping into. What an exciting and satisfying time for you and it is all due to your consistency and diligence. What a joy to experience the fruits of your labour! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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