Daily Message ~ Thursday May 15, 2014

There is a pervasive belief that in order to honour those who have suffered deeply and sacrificed in order to blaze a trail for your wellness and opportunities, you shouldn’t be too happy. To be too happy meant you were disloyal to them and didn’t appreciate their efforts. Your beliefs ask how can you be happy when Jesus died for your sins? When your ancestors died trying to create a better life for you? When your mother suffered bringing you into this world? When others have fought wars for your freedom?

What an interesting belief! Don’t you think those who went before you made the choices they did for you to have opportunities for deep happiness and wellness? For your ease, comfort and grace?

It is wonderful to want to honour the efforts of those who have contributed to your society, but if you wish to owe them, don’t pay them in suffering. Pay them in joy! Honour their efforts by, from your own state of happiness and wellness, uplifting others as well. Then it becomes a legacy that gives and gives, that empowers and expands, and honours all. That, Dear Ones, is a wonderful way of showing your deep appreciation for those who have gone before you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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