Daily Message ~ Thursday May 16, 2013

Dear Ones, we would like to ask you, how much suffering you have been conditioned to accept? Many of you have grown up under difficult circumstances. Many of your parents, having grown up under difficult circumstances themselves, have thought they were doing the right thing to “toughen you up” to accept that life is hard. You simply cannot step into a life of joy and ease if you are carrying those old belief systems. Life is not meant to be hard! You are not thrown onto your planet to suffer! You are on the planet to find your way back to your creator self, back into your authentic power, to know yourself in your truth again. Release the idea that you are unworthy, born a sinner, or deserving to suffer, or that you must suffer to earn anything better. Shine, Dear Ones! Love yourselves! Create a brand new reality for yourselves that includes joy, happiness, ease, grace, health, support, LOVE, and whatever else you might wish to experience! You are the creator of your life expression, and there is no rule book that says pain and suffering must be part of the experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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