Daily Message ~ Thursday May 20, 2021

Dear Ones, expansion is how you experience more comfort, presence, and engagement in your life. So many of you find yourselves in an alignment that works for you and feels satisfying and then try to hold onto staying in that energy forever. If you understand the universe works in flow, you can see that won’t work.

When you try to keep things the same, you start resisting the natural unfoldment of your journey. If you really dig in, you will start to get more and more uncomfortable because you are creating a gap between where you are and where your soul is beckoning you to go for your next highest experience. You will be trying to thrive in energies that will have less and less energetic support for you.

We understand it is a natural human tendency to find something you like and want to stay with it, but that is actually based on a belief that good energetic matches are rare. In truth, that energetic match is a starting point, not an end point. By allowing its unfoldment you let it grow and evolve and become so much more.

Trust that if you have found something you love the flow will allow it to become everything it can be and more. By giving things the opportunity expand into their greatest expressions of self you will be a willing dance partner with the universe, firmly rooted in your faith and trust, and willing to be led to the discovery of more than you could ever imagine. It is time to drop the constraints and let your lives get as big and beautiful as they want to be. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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