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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 31, 2018

A reader responded to yesterday’s daily message asking how they could “unset up” some of the opportunities (sometimes referred to by you as lessons or tests) they have placed on their path for their growth and expansion and move into more joy. We wish to address this today.

You will have specific themes you wish to experience and master within your incarnation. They will loop around periodically to give you opportunities to see them in new ways, to choose how you wish to react, and assess how much you have grown.

What if you approached a theme much like you would a theatre production that comes into your community to offer the same play every once in a while. You could decide you don’t ever want to see it and avoid it completely. You could decide you will see it next time. You could decide to show up and have the experience. You could decide you would like to see it again because it still has something for you. You could decide you don’t need to have the experience again because you’ve already taken everything it has to offer you from the previous appearances you have attended. It is merely giving you an opportunity.

How do you know a theme still has something to offer you? When you are resistant to it or feel triggered by it. If that is so, try changing how you look at it. Try seeing it from a higher perspective as an observer. Ask, “What does my inner master see?” “What is the gift of this experience?” Your soul will set up these intersections of experience throughout your lifetime to give you plenty of opportunity to move through it whenever the time is right for you.

The amount of joy you experience in your life expression is not dependant upon not having challenges. It is all about perspective. You experience more joy from being present, from practicing gratitude, by choosing joy in the in-between spaces that are far more prevalent than the challenging periods are. It is about choosing activities that allow you to experience alignment, purpose, and enjoyment. It comes from looking for the magic and beauty that is there to find in each Now moment.

Expansion is what gives your soul a sense of freedom and joy, so from that perspective even your challenges lead to the experience of greater satisfaction and opportunities if you allow them to serve you. So be easy with yourself. Flow. Trust. Look and appreciate what is working for you in the Now rather than worrying what the future may or not bring. The recurrence of themes does not need to be something to be feared or used to diminish your potential for joy, for that potential is always there if you can simply start to allow it to bubble up from within you as a delighted response to your recognition of your innate alignment with Source. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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