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Daily Message ~ Thursday November 30, 2017

Dear Ones, every single day you have done your best. Even if you have behaved in ways that you are not particularly proud of, that was the best you could do at that time. If you were reactive or demonstrating behaviour that is not in line with who you truly are, it is a sign that you were out of balance and overwhelmed, and thus weren’t energetically aligned with choosing a different response.

That is why your self care, energetic clarity, and alignment are so important. Your individual practices are what create the foundation that supports you in showing up consistently in your truth and authenticity. This allows you to honour both yourself, and others.

So take the time to do what helps you connect with your own inner wisdom and stability. It does not have to be one specific practice. It is whatever allows you to experience your own calm connectedness. Don’t dismiss the importance of those few moments a day, for they are truly what pave the way for you to show up in the world in the ways that best match your intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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