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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 31, 2019

It can be easy to fall into the belief that there is no forward movement in your life, but in reality there is always growth and expansion. As a human being, you experience the flow in two ways – the action phase, which contains tangible movement, and the lull phase, where the movement is occurring energetically behind the scenes as a precursor to taking form.

What we wish for you to understand is there is always forward movement happening, you are just not able to see some aspects of it from where you are. In fact, we would suggest to you that the most progress is made during the times it seems like there is nothing happening at all. That would explain why you are given a period of rest – it is in preparation for the next action phase that is sure to come. Your job is to stay in the surrender, faith, flow, trust model in order to fully receive the gifts each stage has to offer you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

If you missed my appearance on Beyond the Ordinary where we talked all about developing and deepening the essential element of trust, no worries! You can still catch the call on replay.  Hope you enjoy it! https://www.beyondtheordinaryshow.com/replays/

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