Daily Message ~ Thursday October 6, 2016


Fear and doubt are normal to experience as you face expansion as a human being. This is a pattern that has been well established from childhood. When you first started to separate from the parent into a further expansion of yourself, you often would need to return, over and again, to the safety of the parent’s energy before you were reassured enough to move forward into that further expression of self.

So it is with enlightening human beings. When you recognize you can move back into the safety of Source whenever you need it, you feel more competent, more secure, more encouraged to expand. Moving beyond that fear and doubt facilitates growth, giving you the opportunity to experience yourself in your divine capability, and as a beloved aspect of Source energy, always welcomed back with open arms into the energy of Home. From that space you will embrace your freedom to co-create, to dance with the universe as a valued and integral part of the whole, and to truly experience unconditional love. ~Archangel Gabriel

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