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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 1, 2022

If you are having trouble with monetary abundance, it could be that you are subconsciously rejecting the flow of money into your life because you equate wealth with certain lower vibrational traits you are dedicated to evolving beyond, such as greed, separation, excess, control, and lack of compassion. But in reality, money is neutral, and an element everyone has access to. What you do with it reflects your own level of attainment.

So we say to you, what if you shifted from resisting 3D wealth to embracing 5D wealth? What if you saw wealth as a resource that anyone could align with? What if you saw it as part of the divine, that could expand your growth, your experiences, and your service to the world? What if you saw it, not as something you need to chase or sell your soul for, but as part of your own divine birthright? What if you saw wealth as simply another aspect on your planet that is looking to shift into a higher vibrational, more inclusive expression of itself?

Feel into your relationship with money and explore your beliefs and reactions to it. Do you judge people with money? If so, you will find it difficult to accept money. Is it time to heal any old wounds or belief systems you may have around money so you can allow it to also be part of the easy flow of your life? It is a relationship like any other that can be transformed through love, greater understanding, inclusion, acceptance, and your conscious awareness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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