Daily Message ~ Thursday September 12, 2013

Should is a word that is constantly trying to shift you out of your Now moment. Should can be somewhat insidious because it has an underlying tone of judgment, and sees your reality, or the reality of others, as being “wrong”. This is completely contrary to the truth, which is that each person is always exactly where they need to be. Should tries to talk you out of being where you are. It infuses guilt rather than allowing you to enjoy the perfection of your Now moment. It is another distraction tactic your ego self uses to keep you spinning your wheels rather than BEing and expanding. We urge you to stop “shoulding” on yourselves and others! Acceptance is the natural anti-dote to this, as is embracing your Now and feeling appreciation for the multitude of blessings that are always present and oh, so very right in your lives. ~Archangel Gabriel

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