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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 13, 2018

Have you ever had an idea, an inspiration for something you’d like to create or experience, and feel so excited about it only to move into doubt about it a short time later?  We want you to know this is completely normal and why this occurs.

When you discover a new direction your soul would like to expand into, its immediate response is joy and excitement. It feels light and right and full of potential. This is your soul giving you a resounding yes!  It is once you start to really sit in that energy and consider making it a reality that the doubt creeps in. Why does this happen?  It is the work of your ego.

Your ego is much like a toddler who doesn’t care much for sudden change. It is very invested in everything staying the same and feeling in control, and thus, will rail against moving forward in new, unexpected ways. It reacts strongly with fear and doubt, which you, in your sensitivity, will feel. Do not let this stall your forward movement.

All your ego is really looking for is your assurance that it will still be important and cared for. It simply needs your reassurance that it will be coming with you moving forward. To try to eradicate the ego, which is an essential part of your human self, would be to deny a vital aspect of yourself. Unconditional love for self means loving and caring for all aspects of you, and shepherding them forward in ways that meet their needs.

You can simply reassure the ego of its importance and vital role for you. You might even give it a job to help you move forward such as telling it you need it to take care of your body and make sure all its physical needs are met.  You might even tell it you will treat this like an experiment and it can keep track of how you are doing.  If you understand what is going on you can start to see your ego as a growth detector. It simply would not be activated if you weren’t onto something that has value for you and your soul’s expression.

As many of you will be changing your service, and experiencing expansion in new directions as you move forward in the next phase of your incarnation, inspiration followed by doubt will be a very common experience. With your wisdom of why that happens you can simply stop, address the part of you that needs the reassurance and support, and move forward knowing all signs are pointing to your growth and next grand experience. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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