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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 16, 2021

Dear Ones, so many of you worry if you are doing enough for your enlightenment journey. Please understand there is no one size fits all template for your evolution. Your unfoldment is completely customized to honour what you wish to experience and where you wish to go. It is a natural process, as are all other forms of evolution.

There is no specific knowledge, practice, or attunement required in order to ascend. It is an organic process. If you feel drawn to certain teachings or practices, by all means follow your intuition down that path. But you will certainly know when something is for you because your soul will beckon your forward into that experience. Knowing that will allow you to put down your fear you may miss something that is imperative to your success. Know the universe is extremely efficient at keeping things in your orbit until you acknowledge them!

Trust the process! Even if you made wrong turn after wrong turn, you would eventually get so uncomfortable you would naturally redirect back onto the path that is meant for you. Your intuition will always know which way to go, and it will only get louder and louder until you listen to that internal guidance. In this way, your path is always self correcting.

So rest easy. Follow the flow and the urgings of your heart. Rest when needed, and take inspired action when the flow supports it. Listen to what your body is asking you for, and embrace the ebbs and flows of the process. You already have everything you could possibly need to assure your success. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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