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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 22, 2022

We find it interesting that some people think the key to their comfort is arriving somewhere and then doing all they can do to keep things exactly the same. Ironically, trying to stay the same will always ultimately lead to your discomfort.

When you try to stay the same, you are trying to thrive in energies that have already passed rather than harnessing the power and support of the current energies. While that may work initially, over time it will feel less and less supported as the divide between where you were and where you are now deepens.

It may help to see yourself as having an operating system that requires continual upgrades to keep running at peak performance. Those upgrades are exactly what you are receiving and integrating, and they automatically support new discoveries and opportunities that serve your evolution.

We encourage you to allow yourself to flow and evolve because the discomfort you are trying to avoid doesn’t come from change, it comes from trying to resist the tide. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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