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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 23, 2021

As enlightening human beings, you may have periods of feeling disconnected or unable to sense or access the energies or guidance you are usually quite adept at tapping into. This is quite common during times of energetic integration. If you have a download in progress, that process will take precedence over all other things.

You may think of it as being similar to doing a system upgrade on your computer. All windows and running processes must be closed in order for the upgrade to occur. It is exactly the same with your energetic upgrades. They take energetic priority over all other energetic practices.

What we wish for you to understand is you are just as loved and guided during those times as you are when you can feel our presence. We are always there supporting you and cheering you on as you continue up the spiral of your evolutionary process. There are simply times where you are open to feel it and other times where you are somewhat isolated energetically in order for a shift to occur.

We are always filled with wonder and excitement for all you are doing during these extraordinary times. Rest easy you will never be abandoned by us for it is our greatest joy and honour to witness and participate in this journey with you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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