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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 28, 2017

Dear Ones, everything you could ever imagine exists in the universe. The solutions to your biggest challenges and your wildest dreams and beyond all exist energetically in the pool of Source energy that is All That Is.

You may not know how to get to those solutions from your vantage point as a human being in the body. But your highest self, along with your guides and helpers, know exactly how to get into a flow that will take you directly there with the greatest ease possible.

This is why surrender is such a powerful co-creational tool for you. Surrendering into the solution, or into your dream, gives your guides permission to lead you to where your desires exist as true potentials. It allows you be moved onto the new timeline that holds the possibilities you are seeking to experience.

Do you see? If you are wishing to expand beyond where you are right now, surrender with intention is the means to get there. Allow yourself to be led. Know the solutions exist. Trust in the flow and follow your heart, because they will always lead you to what your soul knows is possible, even if your mind cannot imagine how on earth it could all work out. It is willingly entering the realm of miracles. ~Archangel Gabriel

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