Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 18, 2017

Yesterday we spoke of being aware of everything that follows the word “but” being an indicator of a self imposed limitation. We would like to expand on that today.

When you speak a sentence that contains the word “but” the beginning part of that statement is spoken by your inner creator – the part of you that wishes to grow and expand. It is the part of the sentence that contains your dreams, your desires, your preferences, and what your soul sees as potential. It is spoken by your highest self, the part of you that flows, and seeks to move, unimpeded, into your next great creation and expression of self.

The “but” is the indicator of the impending shift into the lower self. The energy of the word “but” is intentionally stalling. It immediately stops the flow. Everything that follows is the work of the lower self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small and wishes for everything to stay the same. It is the part of you that is not interested in expansion or enlightenment, and will try to control your experience through fear and doubt.

So the first part of any sentence that contains the word “but” is always the creative, expansive, soul driven part of you, the “but” pushes the pause button, and what follows is the formation of road blocks between you and your dream. Another way to look at it is the first part is heart-centred expansion, the “but” is the indicator of a change of leadership, and the end is mind-centered contraction.

So what do you do about it? With knowledge comes power, Dear Ones. Listen to the wisdom, guidance and potential of your initial thoughts. Understand that the “but” indicates the activation of your doubter, and everything that follows is simply from the part of you that is scared and requires your love. Take that little you that is so afraid of change and reassure it, love it, and include it. Acknowledge it, then allow the empowered part of you to take the lead. ~Archangel Gabriel

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